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About Him

Location: Madras, India
Gender: Male
Looking for: Male
Age: 75
Interested in: Roommate, Love/Relationship, Action/Sex, Dating, Secret affair, Group Sex
Status: Single
Smoker: Non-smoker
Drinker: No drinking at all
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White/European
Religion: Hindu
Have Children: No children at all
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Hazel
Education: Trade School
Financially: Getting by
Personality type: Imaginative, Practical, Gentle, Reliable, Loyal, A leader, Independent, Serious, Eccentric, Sunny, Smart, Reserved, Kind, Spontaneous, Calm
Height: 5 feet 6 inches/167 cm
Language: English, French
Favorite social activities: Talking with friends, Dining out, House parties
HIV Status: Negative
Sexual Position: Versatile
Things I'm Into: 1-on-1 Sex, Anal Sex, Bears/Daddies, Couples, Group Sex, Kissing, Open to Dating/LTR, Oral Sex, Voyeurism/Exhibition
Yes, I am getting old and got into a habit of getting men around 30 years old who stayed with me 10 years and more and then they finally got married and find myself, I am faithful, hate to jump from one guy to another and would be happy to find the guy who has the same aspirations...spending hours cuddled and soft speaking to each others while exploring each other secret parts...I can also be very funny and people do describe me as witty and fun lover but also as a passionate man..Oh, one more very important point: I am very much attached to Spirituality and especially Hinduism.

Since now nearly 2 years I have found my Life Companion and we are living together. We are both very happy together. We are interested in meeting people from all over the World and also from India and make a circle of like minded men with whom we are comfortable to be with and develop friendship. If interested please contact old Details: surely were you to be young, around 25 or upto 30/35 if physically attractive to me,I would be very happy if we could join our lives and be happy together. But, let us not dream too much. I would be content too with a older person instead of a young one who, because of Indian customs has to get married once he reaches 30!...In fact, were you above 30 and of a good education, soft, clean, good mannered, non-effeminate and willing to go along the path of life together with me, please contact me. I shall answer you immediately

Likes: Flirting,Long Hair,Spending quiet time together
Dislikes: Going to parties and clubs,Tatoos,Body piercing

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