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About Her

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I have been told I am a kind person and good to be with. Find out if its true

Hi......Would you like new profile photos taken for free no strings. I am able to take them for you. Iím NOT looking for ANYTHING in return in the way of payment. You get 60 to 70 photos taken of you, to do with as you wish. I do not accept payment of any kind. All the photos are sent to you via your e-mail address or, if you wish, they are put on to floppy disc for you to collect. All you need to do is replace the discs that I use. No Photos that I Take Will Be Sent To Anyone Apart From You. My discretion is assured at all times. More people look at profiles with photos on. Take care Best wishes Chris PS: Your photos need NOT BE NAKED, or have your FACE showing. I will only take the type of photo you ask me too. If you take a look at my profile you can see just a few of the photos I have taken. Could you please reply with a YES or NO. e- mail & MSN or If you have anything you wish to ask me please, please do

I am a
seeking a
between &
Photos only
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